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I am having trouble writing lately. Nothing comes to mind, or if it does, it seems too silly of a thing to write about. Perhaps it’s because I am not really a writer, just someone

I am having trouble writing lately. Nothing comes to mind, or if it does, it seems too silly of a thing to write about. Perhaps it’s because I am not really a writer, just someone trying her hand at something new. I had never thought of myself as someone who had the chops for writing anyway. I just saw it as an untouchable field. You know? Like when something is too off the wall for you to even consider? Like being a celebrity or something. Ummm, yeah right! I don’t think so! In fact, I can only think of one time where I seriously tried picturing myself as a writer.

I was watching this movie and the lead actress, who is a playwright, had fallen in love with an unsuspecting man. I am not trying to advertise the movie here, but in the scene she was writing a screenplay of their humorous ups and downs together, and how it fell apart. While writing she became totally distraught. She was laughing, screaming, and crying all in a moment. I remember thinking that it was both beautiful and sad, and how great it would be to be that in touch with your emotions. I guess I must’ve quickly dismissed the thought though since it’s totally out there for me.

The fact that I am blogging has left many friends and family puzzled, but I guess the shock was to be expected. This is a bit out there for me to be doing, and like I’ve said before in another post, I am having such a hard time Opening Up about it. I’ve been so anxious that I’ve been nervously pacing the floor whenever I post something or leave a comment. Interestingly enough, the people that I have talked to have been so supportive, total strangers even. It’s starting to offer me a new perspective. I should at least keep doing it for this feeling of satisfaction.

Regardless of my own negative feelings about being so open, I want to conquer this fear that I now have. I think that when you find that you can no longer do most things you set out to do without major difficulty or not at all, you start to fear failure. Instead of being fearful and feeling like a failure, I need to accept and embrace the changes that are happening. I want to step outside of my comfort zone.

If you’re reading this, YOU are helping me do it! So, let me say how grateful I am that you took the time to read the nonsense that is plaguing me today. Thank you!! 🙂

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  1. You wrote a perfectly relatable post! I find that I get ‘word snowstorms’ and I just need to write. I end up writing two or three blog posts at once. Then I make sure I schedule them out because another dry spell will come. They always do! You got this! ~k.

    1. Thanks Kim! It’s such a weird feeling to go from words flowing easily to no words flowing whatsoever, LOL! I’m sure that it will pass and I will ramble on. 🙂

  2. Sierra, I completely understand where you’re coming from with the whole “I’m not a writer” thing…. I say that all the time. I’m not a writer, but I AM a sharer…. Whenever I learn something helpful, my first thought is that I want to share it. I’ve learned that there is room here in the blogosphere for writers AND for those who just want to share, who need a creative outlet, or just need a place to voice our feelings.

    I think we all experience those dry times where the words just don’t come. Try not to stress about it – eventually, something will spark an idea and you’ll be back to writing. I’ve found when I try to force it, that just makes the block that much tougher to get through.

    Just enjoy the process, and don’t sweat it when the words don’t come. It will pass, I promise!😊

    1. Thank you Terri! 🙂 It can sometimes feel like I’m an imposter in the world of writing wondering what iI think I am doing. I really am enjoying the process, I just think I need to get a handle on being so open so that I don’t get so anxious. I am a constant work in progress 🙂

  3. I love your writing! It’s relatable, honest, funny & thoughtful. If that’s not a ‘writer’, I don’t know what is! LOL! Any topic you have thoughts about is worth writing about because your personal experience is very unique! Keep on keep’in on! 😃

  4. I can relate to this completely. I talk about radical vulnerability and being open on my blog and while that part of it comes easy to me, the words aren’t always there. Sometimes it feels like I have to pry them out one letter at a time.

  5. Congratulations, I have nominated you for the Sunshine Blogger Award.
    You can see your site link on my page at https://decoupageh.com
    I think your blog is helpful for others to read and reflect on. I have fibromyalgia and suffer from pain and illness. I hope this nomination will brighten your day. 🥇
    Please don’t worry about having to complete everything to accept the nomination. I have added a new clause for nominees with a disability. It will become clearer if you read my post.

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