My Story

My husband Phillip and I

Just a PNW woman who has been struggling with her health, career, and living daily life with multiple diagnoses. I am no writer! In fact, it was one of my worst subjects in school. This will just be a bunch of my ranting about the things that I go through living with these conditions. Who knows? Maybe someone will finally find the missing diagnosis that answers it all – the holy grail of diagnoses. Regardless, my life has been turned upside down over the last 6 years and I haven’t shared any of my struggle on any social media. Of course, it ended up coming out at work when I filed for ADA Accommodations, however, that is another long story that I may get into someday. But, no major announcement for fear that I wouldn’t be taken seriously, or that it would be unbelievable because “you don’t look sick” is the thought running through their minds. It has been a rough road and one that I am interested in sharing. I plan on trying new methods of treatment, other alternative methods all in the hopes that I can get off of most of my prescribed medications. I hope that whoever is reading this understands that this is my story, my journey, and these are my experiences. I don’t claim to be any kind of expert on these diagnoses or forms of treatment. You know what I’m saying. This is a way for me to chronicle my life, my successes, my failures, and how I continue to adapt.

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